Black, stylish and understated – this mask is the epitome of classic military style. Named after one of Britain’s most significant Prime Ministers and wartime leaders, the Churchill exudes an air of command. The perfect choice for the military commander in all of us.

  • Unique Lab tested British Military Filtration Technology filters almost 100% of pollution, gases, and bacteria and viruses.
  • Ideal for people at risk of respiratory diseases, living in or travelling to areas with high air pollution / smoke levels
  • Presented in a slimline tin for storage, fashion friendly designs available in 5 sizes suitable for the whole family!


  • Cambridge Mask – The N99 PRO Mask


    Cambridge Mask Pro is a fashion focused pollution mask that comes in a large range of designs and 5 different sizes to fit comfortably for both children and adults.

    The Military grade filters used in the Cambridge Mask Pro meet the N99 Standard (higher than N95). This is a US Government standard specification for pollution masks. The masks use a triple-layer filter which protects the wearer from an extensive range of airborne contaminants.


    What’s In The N99 PRO

    British Military Grade Filter

    The pro mask uses a unique triple filter system. 

    The first layer of the filter system catches larger pollution particles such as dust and PM10. It’s then backed up by the Three-Ply Micro Particulate which stops nearly 100% of smaller particulate matter such as PM2.5 and PM3.0.

    The inner filtration layer is made from 100% pure activated carbon cloth, originally developed by the UK Ministry of Defence for chemical, biological, and nuclear warfare protection.

    The carbon filter is treated with silver to ensure 99% of harmful pathogens are removed and killed. 

    This multi layered  filter system means the Cambridge Mask performs better and lasts longer than other masks on the market.

    Masks Performance Comparison

      Cambridge Mask N99 PRO Disposable Mask Surgical Mask
    Fashion friendly
    Suitable for children
    More environmentally friendly long-lasting mask
    Comes with tin for safe and easy carrying
    Adjustable earloops
    Blocks over 99% of viruses and bacteria
    Filters gas pollutants such as Ozone and oxides
    Mask filter life 200-300 hours (3-6 months) 8-10 hours 8-10 hours
    Cost per hour of use (USD) $0.08c $0.23c $0.03c


    The Mask that Protect Everyone


    Cambridge Mask PRO is a fashion focused pollution mask that comes in a large range of designs and 5 different sizes to fit comfortably for both children and adults.

    Our Pro Masks is one of the world’s most trusted anti-pollution masks. The Pro Masks are perfect for travel, especially to  big cities with higher levels of pollution. 

    The masks have a wide range of uses but are often utilised by travellers, cyclists, urban residents, respiratory disease sufferers or anyone wanting to reduce exposure to potentially harmful pollutants.

    In addition, we keep an MD on retainer. Dr Harriet Leyland is in touch regularly to touch base with  medical advice regarding the masks. This ensures our masks are safe for official medical use.

    Long Last Filter and Washable Mask


    The PRO Mask can be used for up to 340 hours depending on the level of pollution it is exposed to.For the average customer this is around 3-6 months of wear..

    The mask can be washed with soap and hot water, however, keep in mind that this will not extend the life of the filters. For all the details of the filter’s lifespan, check out our FAQ page.

    Independently Tested Filter

    Our Cambridge Masks meet a wide range of tests to ensure they are effective and safe to use for the whole family.

    • ✔American National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) N99 filter requirements under 42 CFR Part 48 (tested by Nelson Labs USA)
    • ✔Certified as child safe under 14 U.S.C 1278a and CFR Parts 1370 1501 1500.53 and 1500.44 (Certified by Bay Area Testing Labs)
    • ✔EN149 standards for CE in the European Union (Certified by SAI Global and Apave Labs FR)
    • ✔99.6% viral filtration efficiency and 99.7% bacterial filtration efficiency (tested by Nelson Labs USA)


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